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    Do you have a confirmed case of COVID-19 that was in your building?

    What is the state of the business?*
    Open and most people are still occupyingOpen but only essential employeesClosed and looking to open again

    What option best describes your situation?*
    One buildingMultiple buildings next to each otherMultiple buildings in the same townMultiple buildings in different townsMultiple buildings in different states

    Are you declared an essential business?*

    What Type of disinfection services are you looking for?*
    One TimeOngoing dailyOngoing sporadicallyNone (Only Janitorial)

    What kind of janitorial services are you looking for?*
    None (Only Disinfection)1 day a week ongoing2 days a week ongoing3 days a week ongoing4 days a week ongoing5 days a week ongoing6 days a week ongoing7 days a week ongoing

    Please provide any optional information that may assist us such as square footage or detailed requests.